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Must-have Accessories for your Trainer™, Junior™ or Custom Setup

About our Accessories

As the pioneers in reaction training, the team at FITLIGHT® has a deep-rooted passion for creating innovative reaction lights products that are specially designed to improve the relationship between the brain and the body. The dynamic FITLIGHT® and FITLIGHT JR™. facilitate our mission to measure, move, and motivate those of all ages and physical abilities. In the continuance to revolutionize the performance connections between the brain and body through our interactive light reflex training tool, the FITLIGHT® team offers measurable and adaptable reaction training accessories that accompany the FITLIGHT Trainer™ and FITLIGHT JR™. Our innovative agility training accessories provide the extra push for those that aim to achieve pinnacle physical performance with FITLIGHT® reaction lights.

In addition to the FITLIGHT Trainer™ and the FITLIGHT JR™., we offer a wide variety of reaction training accessories that allow individuals to refine their workouts and reach performance excellence. These must-have accessories pair together with both systems to add a unique element to your workout.

The FITLIGHT® Lite-Bases secure the reaction lights during active drills or routines. Lightweight and available in several colors, this is one of the most popular FITLIGHT® reaction training accessories.

Suction cups allow for the FITLIGHTS® to be attached to walls and other versatile areas. These suction cups attach to a variety of surfaces and create many different opportunities for more dynamic training.
Another dynamic way to optimize reaction light training is with our Tripod accessory. With a max height of 58” and 360 swivel head, the tripod is a perfect solution for combining reaction light training in both low and high placements.

Our FITLIGHT® Wall focuses on the improvement of hand-eye coordination, strength, conditioning, reaction, and cognitive training. With seamless installation, the FITLIGHT® Wall provides high-level intense workouts that engage multiple muscle groups.

For more information on our reaction light training accessories, download our comprehensive catalog. Here, you will find all of our accessory options, what training methods they are ideal for, and their various benefits. Find the perfect reaction training accessory for all of your workout needs.

Enhance your performance and get the most out of your FITLIGHT Trainer™, Junior™ or custom solution with our must-have accessories.